Chocolate Nut Butter Mug Cake – Keto and Low-Carb

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Here’s the truth. Sometimes, you just want a few bites of cake without having to turn on the oven. Are you with me on this? Mug cakes are so wonderful. They are fast, easy, and delicious. The best part, there is less risk of over-eating since most mug cakes we make have two servings. Think about it…if you have a HUGE full-sized cake in the house, you’ll most likely eat a large slice every day for a week. That is overindulgence and can get us all in trouble.

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Cake in the Microwave?

Yes!! And, it comes out great. Our parents used to make cupcakes in the microwave many years ago for the kids in their Sunday School Bus Ministry. Mom would fill up the liners and pop them in for 45 seconds each then frost them. This method allowed them to make lots of yummy treats for the kids they picked up in the bus for church each Sunday. So, a microwaved cake is part of our heritage.

This mug cake

It is just delicious!! The flavor combination of the nut butter and chocolate is extremely satisfying and filling!! It is really perfect for two people to share or enough for you to eat half or a quarter of it and save the rest for later. As a mom, I usually share mine with my two kiddos and it’s a perfect amount of a sweet treat without overdoing it.

Nut Butter

We usually use organic creamy almond butter for this recipe because it is delicious, low-carb, and readily available. However, you are welcomed to use any nut butter you prefer and are not sensitive to. Sherri loves pecan butter that she makes herself. I have also tried homemade walnut butter! You do you!

I sure hope you try it and enjoy it as much as our family does! Be sure to read the helpful tips for a nut-free option!





Melt the butter in a large mug or deep soup bowl.

Add in the cream, almond butter, egg, vanilla, and sweetener. At this point, you can beat the egg into the wet ingredients and the sweetener if you would like but it’s totally not necessary.

Add the rest of the ingredients and stir until mixed well. Don’t over mix.

Microwave on high for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Check it after 1 minute in your microwave to make sure you do not overcook it. If it needs more put it back in for 15 seconds more and check it again. Do not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds.

While it is cooking make the topping. Put all the ingredients in a small ramekin or cup and give them a good stir until smooth. Add only enough almond milk to make the topping pourable but still thick. Don’t use all heavy cream or you will lock the mixture up too tightly like a paste.

Pour the topping over the hot cake and enjoy!!

Helpful Tips:

The volume of the cake could easily fit into a wide shallow bowl or a larger deep mug. Here’s some perspective… the mug I use can hold 3 cups or 24 oz of liquid up to the brim. When this cake rises it reaches about where the 2-cup mark is. I microwave it for 1 minute 30 seconds in this type of cup. If you are using a shallow bowl it may only take 1 minute to be done.

In any case, when first making any mug cake check it at about 1 minute 15 seconds. If it’s still a little wet on top microwave it for an additional 15 seconds at a time. A tiny bit of wetness is okay. As long as when you touch it you immediately feel cooked cake under the surface.

Don’t overcook it or you’ll have a dry hard-to-eat mess in your mug.

Nut Free?

If you are a nut-free family here is an option for y’all, too!! You may sub the nut butter in the cake for tahini, sunflower seed butter, or coconut butter. I would sub the almond flour in this recipe for ½ tablespoon coconut flour. I would use these same subs for the topping. You can use a mix of heavy cream and water for the topping, instead of the almond milk. Of course, I am not a medical doctor or nut allergy specialist. Please use what you know you can eat and still be keto. These are just suggestions.


Makes 2 Servings
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