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French Toast Breakfast Eggs (Keto and Low-Carb)

Absolutely delicious! These extremely easy French Toast Breakfast Eggs are the perfect keto breakfast. With an amazing texture and a great flavor, this makes a great meal anytime! (As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to learn more. …

Super Easy Keto Waffles

Y’all!! When we say these keto waffles are super easy… we mean it! Plus, they are oh-so-scrumptious! Our families love both pancakes and waffles. And while we love our pancakes, that recipe is a bit more involved. And, let’s face it, Moms and Dads all over the planet need some …

Blackberry Cobbler (Keto and Low-Carb)

When we were children, one of our favorite desserts when we went out-to-eat, was blackberry cobbler loaded with whipped cream. With just a couple of easy swaps, we came up with this easy keto and low-carb blackberry cobbler. This cobbler is a fabulous pairing of berries, butter, and almond flour. …

Keto Sausage Empanadas (Turnovers)

Recently we have been on the hunt for a different breakfast dish. We wanted something fairly simple, hearty, and tasty. These Empanadas are made with our version of a Fathead dough. The filling is a very simple sausage mixture but is super versatile, it can be changed to any filling you want. …

Keto Chicken Kiev

This classic recipe, Chicken Kiev, has all of our favorite ingredients, herbs, garlic, lemon, and of course lots of butter. Nobody can resist chicken stuffed with herb butter. This chicken dish has serious flavor. It’s simple, delicious and impressive. (As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This post may …

Easy Keto Bear Claw Cake

Have y’all ever had a (pre-keto) Bear Claw? Well, we have… maybe too many, hence why we needed to consider the Ketogenic lifestyle. Ha! To say that we thoroughly enjoyed this treat would be an accurate statement. There’s just something about that sweet almond flavor. But, what to do… now …

Keto Chicken and Rice Casserole

This Keto Chicken and Rice Casserole is beyond simple, easy to make, and is really yummy! It is hardy, cheesy, creamy and DREAMY. (I might have taken that too far.) No, but seriously, it’s good. Plus, this dish uses simple everyday ingredients you probably have in your fridge or freezer …

Heavenly Keto Cream Cheese Fudge

If you like cream cheese frosting, you will love this recipe for keto cream cheese fudge! Not only is it easy to make, but this chocolate cream cheese fudge recipe is rich and tangy, with a deep chocolate flavor. This will satisfy your sweet tooth. Make sure you scroll to the bottom for …